Best Shore Excursions In Ketchikan For Cruise Ship Guests

With so much to offer in Ketchikan, Alaska in terms of shore excursions it’s no wonder the choice is difficult. We’re here to provide an expert guide on how to choose the best shore excursions in Ketchikan. Firstly, Ketchikan offers both land and sea excursions to choose from. Below we’ll list the pros and cons of the top rated shore excursions by land or sea, so you can choose the best fit for your group. 

Ketchikan Fishing Excursions For Salmon And Halibut

It is our belief that the absolute best way to experience Ketchikan, Alaska is by boat. For one thing, getting out on the water amongst the wildlife suits every age group regardless of experience. Secondly, fishing in Ketchikan offers world class salmon and halibut fishing. Lastly, the combination of the wildlife, fishing and unparalleled scenery makes this an excursion that everyone will enjoy!

Cruise Ship Salmon Fishing Excursions 

The most popular fishing excursion for cruise ship guests visiting Ketchikan is the four hour salmon fishing charter. Due in part to the duration of the excursion and close proximity to the downtown cruise ship ports this salmon fishing tour is a must! For instance, imagine taking off in the boat and seeing wildlife such as whales, eagles and sea lions on your way to the fishing grounds. Following that wildlife watching experience you’re right into the fishing just a short boat ride from Ketchikan cruise ship docks. In conclusion, private Ketchikan salmon fishing excursions offer world class salmon fishing and wildlife viewing. Not to mention, salmon fishing tours offer calm water for those families who want to avoid turbulent seas. 

Ketchikan Halibut And Salmon Fishing Excursions For Cruise Ship Visitors

For cruise ship visitors who want to go out further and extend the duration of their Ketchikan fishing excursion then the five hour halibut and salmon combination charter is the choice for you. Based on the abundance of marine life near Ketchikan, the five hour halibut and salmon combo charter offers it all in a comprehensive package. Expect to catch halibut, salmon, rockfish and lingcod when embarking on this top rated Ketchikan fishing excursion. Slightly longer runs to the best halibut grounds means more time for whale watching and wildlife viewing. Furthermore the open passages hold a plethora of fish species including halibut, salmon and rockfish. Without a doubt this fishing excursion is the most popular choice for those port times that allow the combo halibut and salmon fishing excursion.

Whale Watching And Wildlife Viewing Excursions


If fishing in Ketchikan isn’t of interest to you then look into the whale watching and wildlife viewing excursions. For one thing, these tours offer a great opportunity to get on the water at an affordable price. Whale watching and wildlife viewing operators provide multiple options based on the trip duration and price point. Meaning for those on a budget you can select affordable options on large boats that carry hundreds of passengers. In contrast, the smaller boats offer a more exclusive environment where groups can view Ketchikan wildlife on private boats or with those boats who carry 20-40 passengers. In summary, there’s an option for everyone to get on the water and see the beauty of Alaska by boat. 

Thing To Do In Ketchikan Shore Based


Venturing onto the water for fishing or wildlife viewing may not be for you. Not to worry, Ketchikan offers plenty of land based options for those landlubbers. Choose from UTV tours, hiking tours, crab feasts or a trolley ride through downtown. These various tours provide enough capacity to take cruiser ship guests in numbers. For these reasons you can rest assured that most of these tours will be able to accommodate your group.