Why Kids Love Fishing In Alaska

Kids love being on the water in Alaska for a variety of reasons. To begin, being on the water gives kids the ultimate wilderness adventure in  Alaska, including sights, sounds and experiences. With that being said, kids can expect to see whales, eagles, sea lions, seals and even bears. Furthermore, the local wildlife and sightseeing can be in addition to an interactive Alaskan fishing trip. Kids love being on the water seeing whales, sea lions and eagles all the while reeling in salmon, halibut and rockfish. Talk about sensory overload! Eagles soaring overhead, whales spouting and hurling themselves through the air, and salmon jumping across the water as far as the eye can see! Being on the water is the best activity to do for kids and families visiting Ketchikan, Alaska on a summer cruise. 

Ketchikan Fishing Excursions For Kids 

Firstly, interactive fishing excursions symbolize an unlimited number of tactics to keep kids engaged throughout the tour. For example, teens enjoy catching fish in a fast paced setting with an unparalleled scenic backdrop. Not to mention there’s crabbing, shrimping and tidal life to embrace a comprehensive overview of all that’s on offer. With all that’s available to experience, it’s no wonder kids love fishing in Alaska. The sheer abundance of fish and wildlife will have kids and families alike enjoying nonstop action! Depending on the time of year there’s salmon available, rockfish, cod and halibut.

Do Kids Need A Fishing License In Alaska

The simple answer to that is no! Nonresident kids under the age of 16 do not need to purchase a fishing license. However, they will receive a free harvest card to record their catches. 

Best Tours For Kids Visiting Ketchikan

The absolute best tours for kids visiting Alaska are as follows, fishing excursions, whale watching tours or kayaking tours. Fishing excursions would be the number one choice. Fishing excursions satisfy all aspects that encompass the Alaska wilderness. Whale watching and wildlife viewing is also enjoyed simultaneously while fishing. This interactive aspect of actively fishing and learning about the marine environment makes for the best way to experience Alaska. Secondly, kayak tours make for a great way to see intertidal life, wildlife viewing, and whale watching in an engaged activity. Thirdly whale watching tours guide kids to the surrounding waters with a naturalist narrative that describes fun facts. 

Intertidal Life – A Kids Wildest Dream!

Tidal life in Alaska represents a diverse environment where there’s starfish, mussels, bull kelp and harbor seals. For kids experiencing either an Alaska fishing excursion or kayak tour they can expect to get up close and personal with these intertidal zones. This means kids have the opportunity to be hands on and hold starfish, glide amongst the bull kelp forests and see harbor seals. In summary, the intertidal zones of Alaska are a great way to showcase the numerous species interacting in specific areas. This in turn resembles a real world aquarium with all other creatures and critters to showcase for kids visiting Ketchikan. 

Wildlife Viewing For Kids And Families Visiting Ketchikan, Alaska


Taking a boat on the water in Alaska means there’s a constant sense of adventure. From the time you leave the dock until your return to the dock one’s senses are heightened. Look to the sky for eagles and ravens. Or peruse the horizon to look for humpback whales, orcas, sea line and seals. Finally, make time to scan the shoreline for deer, bears or even a wolf.