Alaska Cruise: Best Ketchikan Fishing Tours And Fishing Excursions

Fishing tours in Ketchikan, Alaska top the list for best shore excursions on your Alaska cruise. Firstly, Ketchikan offers world class fishing which makes it the top destination for fishing charters on any Alaska cruise. Secondly, booking a private fishing trip in Ketchikan means your group will experience whale watching, fishing, and eagle viewing. What’s not to love about this all inclusive private fishing excursion in Ketchikan, Alaska? Beat the crowds and maximize your time in port by departing from the downtown Ketchikan area, near the cruise ship port. 

What Is The Best Fishing Charter In Ketchikan, Alaska?

The best fishing charter in Ketchikan, Alaska is Ketchikan’s Finest Fishing Charters. Boasting an undefeated record for top of the line services when it comes to fishing in Ketchikan. If you’re looking to book a private fishing charter in Ketchikan, Alaska then look no further. Ketchikan’s Finest Fishing Charters holds the reputation for unparalleled fishing services to all guests visiting Ketchikan port by cruise ship or flying in. No matter the size of your group, arrival and departure times, or the Alaskan species you’re pursuing. Ketchikan’s Finest Fishing Charters caters to each group specifically with fully customizable trips to suit your needs. 

Best Cruise Ship Family Fishing Tours In Ketchikan, Alaska

The best cruise ship friendly family fishing tours depart from the downtown Ketchikan ports daily. Cruise ship guests visiting Ketchikan can expect to meet their captains at the cruise ship ramp waiting to depart on their private fishing tour. Furthermore, the best family fishing tours in Ketchikan depart directly from the cruise ship docks. In contrast to other companies who recommend you to catch a taxi and pay hundreds of extra dollars to fish an hour each way outside of town. This is a waste of your precious time and money. Book your cruise ship friendly fishing charter from an established Ketchikan fishing company who picks you up directly from the cruise ship. 

Which Charter Is Best For Cruise Ship Guests Visiting Ketchikan?

The most popular fishing charter for cruise ship guests visiting Ketchikan, Alaska consists of salmon fishing or halibut and salmon combo charters. For instance, Ketchikan salmon fishing tours offer a short run that maximizes your time in Port. Not to mention, the salmon capital of the world delivers the best port for salmon fishing tours on your Alaska cruise. Salmon fishing trips in Ketchikan depart daily with cruise ship port times. This means there’s a trip suited to fit your very needs as determined by your arrival time in Ketchikan. For these reasons, we believe the four hour salmon fishing excursion is the best fishing tour for cruise ship guests visiting Ketchikan. 

Salmon And Halibut Fishing Excursions In Ketchikan, Alaska

A true Alaskan adventure awaits when you choose to pursue the top two species in all of Alaskan waters. For instance, halibut and salmon combination fishing excursions provide the best of the best fishing in Ketchikan. This private fishing trip gives each group the opportunity to target halibut and salmon fishing in the same trip. Meaning, there’s no better way to spend your time in Ketchikan’s ports than to hit the water in this high spirited Alaskan fishing excursion. The five hour salmon and halibut combination fishing charter is by far the most popular choice for cruise ship guests in Ketchikan. Due in part to the scheduling of cruise ships this tour maximizes the ideal scenario for your best Alaska catch. In addition, Ketchikan sportfishing excursions offer the option for cruise ship guests to ship their Alaska catch home. 

Cruise Ship Fishing Excursions For Halibut In Ketchikan 

Halibut fishing excursions for cruise ship guests visiting Ketchikan occur in the four or five hour fishing trip durations. For example, those who want to leave time to explore downtown should book the four hour halibut fishing excursion. With that being said, groups looking to experience more fishing time it’s recommended to book the five hour halibut fishing excursion. In summary, Ketchikan halibut fishing excursions are built specifically for cruise ship visitors. Furthermore, determining factors would be time on the water and cruise ship durations in port. 

Cruise Ship Excursions Fishing For Salmon In Ketchikan

The highlight of the Alaska cruise vacation! It’s what we hear visitors say again and again. Experiencing a cruise ship salmon fishing excursion in Ketchikan provides memories for a lifetime. Salmon fishing excursions in Ketchikan offer a world class experience at an affordable price. This is due in part to the close proximity to the fishing grounds. Ketchikan salmon fishing excursions are offered at a discounted price when compared to halibut fishing excursions. Not to mention, your private fishing excursion will be more likely to stay in calm waters versus a halibut fishing trip. These contributing factors make salmon fishing excursions in Ketchikan the most widely sought after fishing excursion for cruise ship guests.