The 5 Best Ketchikan Fishing Charters And Tours

Top 5 Ketchikan fishing charters include, salmon fishing, halibut fishing, salmon and halibut combo charters, salmon and rockfish jigging and the crabbing/ salmon combo tour. Firstly, the above named Ketchikan fishing tours made the list because of a multitude of factors. For one thing, we take into consideration the most popular fishing trips and the guest reviews on each experience. When considering a fishing excursion in Ketchikan there’s choices for each group that make the experiences unique. Identifying what components make for a successful fishing tour keeps one from experiencing a disappointing trip.

Salmon Fishing Tours

Salmon fishing tours are by far the most popular choice for cruise ship guests visiting Ketchikan. In regards to fishing tours in Ketchikan the salmon fishing charter is the most affordable option for guests. Secondly, salmon fishing tours enjoy the benefit of shorter tour duration because of the close proximity of fishing to the downtown cruise ship ports. In addition, to this the waters are typically calmer when salmon fishing in Ketchikan as opposed to halibut fishing in open waters. 

This combination of affordability, duration of tour times and calm waters make Ketchikan salmon fishing tours highly recommended for all. Furthermore, Ketchikan holds the global reputation for being, “THe Salmon Capital Of The World.” In conclusion, what better place to take a salmon fishing tour than during your summer visit to Ketchikan, Alaska. The best salmon fishing in Ketchikan takes place from June through September. 

Halibut Fishing Tours

Halibut fishing tours take place in Ketchikan during the summer months from May through September. Known to be a “bucket list” fish for most experienced anglers, people from around the world flock to Alaska in the summer months. Trying  their hand at prying these giant bottom dwellers from the sea floor. 

Ketchikan Halibut Fishing Tours – What To Expect

Ketchikan halibut tours offer a range of charters and operators with trip duration times ranging from 4-6 hours. Halibut fishing tours in Ketchikan mean you have slightly further runs then salmon fishing. In conjunction, halibut fishing typically takes place in more open waters where the seas can be turbulent. Fishing over sandy bottoms in 200-300 feet of water means each angler will be doing the halibut jig with their own rod. Using a variety of baits such as herring, cod, and salmon to attract halibut to their bait. To summarize, halibut fishing tours fit the expectations for those willing to go out a little further and actively jig the bottom for this iconic species.

Halibut And Salmon Combo Fishing Tours In Ketchikan, Alaska – Most Popular

Why fish for one species when you can have both? That’s exactly how most visitors to Ketchikan feel when they’re looking into what fishing tours to book. For this reason the most recommended Ketchikan fishing tours include the halibut and salmon combo. Halibut and salmon combination tours offer the best of both worlds. Generally speaking, these combination tours start out bottom fishing for halibut. Once you’ve reached your halibut limit or are ready to switch gears, then it’s onto salmon fishing. The best combination halibut and salmon fishing tours leave out of the downtown port near the cruise ship docks. Furthermore, the Ketchikan combination fishing tours range from 5-6 hours in duration. 

Salmon And Rockfish Jigging Tours – Great For Families And Kids

The absolute best fishing tours for families and kids cruising to Alaska are the salmon and rockfish jigging combination tours. For a variety of reasons, we’ll discuss below, these trips exemplify a family fun Alaska fishing adventure. Firstly, rockfish jigging is more like catching than fishing. Meaning fast action and lots of fish! Simply put, it keeps kids happy and engaged. Furthermore, everyone on the boat is catching fish regardless of age or experience level. Top this experience off with salmon trolling for all 5 species of wild pacific salmon and you have a recipe for success!

Crabbing and Fishing Tours Ketchikan, Alaska

The crown jewel for the ultimate family adventure in Ketchikan is the crabbing and fishing tours offered by Ketchikan’s Finest Fishing Charters. This tour takes a comprehensive approach to family fun on the water. Starting out with whale watching and wildlife viewing on the way to the crab grounds. Next you’re setting your very own crab pots in Alaska! 

Following that up you take part in world class salmon fishing or rockfish jigging as you let your crab pots soak to attract crabs. Fishing for a couple hours and then it’s time to retrieve your crab pot and discover what treasure lies beneath! There’s nothing better than watching the joy of everyone onboard as they pull up their very own Alaskan crab pot. Take pictures with dungeness crabs and sea stars before safely releasing them into the water with smiles abound all aboard. For the grand finale you head over to resident eagle’s nests and attempt to feed them a fish. Have your cameras ready for this once in a lifetime opportunity.