Best Months for Salmon Fishing in Alaska

Best months for salmon fishing in Alaska

July is the best month for salmon fishing in Alaska. First Ketchikan, Alaska and Alaska as a whole has multiple species of wild pacific salmon available in July. Secondly, July marks the best month for salmon fishing in Alaska because of the volume of salmon. Lastly, king, silver, pink, chum, and sockeye salmon makeup the five types of salmon available in July. Making July one of the top months for Ketchikan salmon fishing charters.

Best Salmon Fishing Tours Ketchikan – Month By Month 

Visitors salmon fishing in Ketchikan can expect great salmon fishing from June through September. Ketchikan is based in the prime location for salmon fishing. Due in part to the many streams and rivers where salmon return to spawn. This makes Ketchikan the epicenter for salmon fishing in Alaska. Below we’ll cover a month by month chart of the best times to salmon fish in Ketchikan. 

Ketchikan Salmon Fishing Charters – King Salmon 

Salmon fishing charters in Ketchikan take place from May through September. With that being said the current regulations restrict the retention of king salmon in May. For those reasons the best salmon fishing charters in Ketchikan start in June. June marks the beginning of the best king salmon fishing in Ketchikan. Which directly coincided with the retention of legal size king salmon that exceed 28 inches in length. Furthermore the 28 inch legal limit is measured from the lower jaw to the tip of the tail. 

King Salmon Fishing Ketchikan In June – What To Expect

Visiting Alaska in June one can expect great king salmon fishing. Moreover, Ketchikan, Alaska holds some of the best king salmon fishing in Alaska. For those reasons, salmon fishing charters in June target king salmon. King salmon are the first salmon to arrive in Ketchikan to spawn. As a result, Ketchikan salmon fishing charters target king salmon near mouths of rivers and streams.  

Where To Catch King Salmon In Ketchikan

The majority of Ketchikan king salmon fishing charters take place near Mountain Point, Herring Cove and Carroll Point. Since these areas are located just a short boat ride from the downtown area and cruise ship berths. Consequently, these areas provide consistent king salmon runs year after year. In addition, the Herring Cove salmon hatchery offers great king salmon fishing from shore. Terminal harvest areas allow snagging from the shore or boat. 

July Salmon Fishing Ketchikan

Ketchikan salmon fishing charters in July target king salmon, silver salmon, chum salmon and pink salmon. In other words, July is the best month for salmon fishing in Alaska. Owing to the overlapping runs of salmon species and the sheer volume of salmon available. Certainly based on the duration of your Alaska salmon fishing trip, it’s possible to limit multiple species of salmon.

Alaska Salmon Fishing Trips – Which One Is Best?

Ketchikan cruise ship fishing excursions mainly target multiple salmon species in nearshore waters. Of course, full day fishing trips target exterior waters for silver salmon as well as king salmon. Regardless you can expect to catch king salmon, silver salmon or pink salmon on either Ketchikan fishing trip.

For one thing, the advantage to the full day Alaska fishing trip is longer runs, meaning you can chase silver salmon schools that may be farther from port. Four hour Ketchikan salmon fishing tours offer short runs that provide exceptional salmon fishing in July. For example, the four hour Ketchikan salmon fishing charter is most popular with cruise ship guests visiting. With that being said it’s easily one of the best salmon fishing trips in all of Alaska. For the factors involved with cruise ship port times and duration. It’s the best salmon fishing tour for cruise ship guests

August Salmon Fishing Ketchikan


What Salmon Can I Catch In August 

August salmon fishing in Ketchikan resembles much of what July offers. World class salmon fishing for all species of wild pacific salmon. The height of the silver salmon run is in full effect! Meaning fast action on quality silver salmon ranging from 4-12 pounds. For instance the pink salmon run takes on an unprecedented flurry. August marks the month for fast action on both species with a few king salmon around as well. Book your Alaska salmon fishing trip in either July or August for the best salmon fishing in Ketchikan

Best Silver Salmon Fishing Ketchikan – September What To Expect

The best Fall silver salmon fishing in Ketchikan occurs in September. Whereas the volume dwindles from July and August, the sheer size makes up. For one thing, September silver salmon are big and hungry. In other words, they are packing on the fat as they make their way to spawn. Meaning short runs to the grounds as they reach near town waters. Not to mention these big silver salmon make for quite the Alaska harvest. As a result, charter fishing clients joyfully have their catch processed and shipped home. 

Ketchikan Alaska Salmon Fishing Regulations

For example each angler is allowed one king salmon per person per day. With an annual limit of king salmon capped at three for nonresidents. This regulation drops to one king salmon being retained after July 15. Each king salmon must measure 28” in length. Silver salmon’s daily bag limit is 6 salmon per person. In addition, one can retain 6 pink salmon. Meaning a big catch can add up quickly during the top months of July and August.