Frequently Asked Questions

Our boats are located downtown and within walking distance of the cruise ship berths. We will meet you at your cruise ship exit ramp holding a sign with your name. In town guests will be met at an agreed upon location near the downtown harbor. 

Depending on the time of year and weather conditions you can expect to catch bottom fish like halibut, cod and rockfish or all five species of wild Alaskan salmon. Each month we see different waves of species and refer to the species page for what to expect on any given day or call to inquire. While June, July, August and September are the peak months for catching halibut and salmon along with cod and rockfish while charter fishing in Ketchikan there are several species available in May prior to the height of the salmon run.

We will arrange to process your catch through a third party processor in town. In turn your catch will be filleted, vacuum sealed and flash frozen to be sent directly to your home Fedex overnight or checked onto the plane as checked baggage. There’s also an option to have a portion of your catch smoked by the processor, your guide will recommend the best ways to have the entirety or your catch processed. Prices vary depending on the finished weight of the fillets. Generally, cost range from $9-$12 per pound and includes all processing and overnight shipping via FedEx to your home.

Dress for the rain! Wear multiple layers of clothes for warmth as well as water resistance or waterproof outer layers including rain gear. Rain ponchos are provided as needed. 

We provide water, soda and various snacks on all of our Ketchikan fishing charters. Please bring any additional snacks you wish to have while fishing. 

Charter fishing in Ketchikan, Alaska typically runs May through September. With that being said the height of the salmon run is June, July, August and September. The best bottom fishing occurs from mid June through mid September. Different species of wild Alaska salmon overlap from during the months of June through September. Feel free to contact us directly to answer any questions you may have on when is best to book your Alaska fishing adventure. 

There is a toilet onboard with privacy curtains.

 Expert USCG licensed captain/ Alaska Sportfishing guide All fishing gear, tackle, and bait Water, soda and snacks Rain ponchos and rain gear Coast Guard approved Safety Equipment Enclosed cabin with porta-potty and privacy curtain Delivery of catch to fish processor.

  • Sports fishing licenses
  • King Salmon stamp
  • Fish Processing
  • Fees Gratuities
  • Local sales tax of 6.5%

If your captain/guide delivered a great charter fishing experience then the industry standard recommends 15-20% gratuity. Similar to many other service industries tips are a part of overall wages.

Time and experience! Charter fishing from downtown Ketchikan brings the best of both worlds. Your guide meets you right at your cruise ship berth or downtown harbor and your off to the fishing grounds immediately. This in comparison saves you 30 minutes to one hour compared to fishing outside of town where you have to attempt to arrange your own transport to take a bus or taxi ride 30 minutes north or south. Why waste time in a cab when you can be whisked away to the most productive fishing grounds instantly. 

Rain or shine it’s best to plan for the rain. Ketchikan’s located in the Tongass National Forest which averages thirteen feet of rain a year. With that being said we do have magically sunny days or light overcast days without rain. Dressing for the rain allows you to shed layers as needed and be prepared for any weather. 

  • Camera
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Dress in layers with rain-resistant or rainproof outer layers. Charters provide rain gear as needed.
  • Fishing licenses BUY ONLINE
  • King salmon stamp if fishing for king salmon, ask your guide about when’s best to fish for king salmon prior to trip.
  • Snacks 

Ketchikan’s Finest Fishing Charters provide state of the art professional gear and tackle. If you want to fish with your favorite rod and reel you are more than welcome to bring it.

Recommended and updated fishing regulations can be found here.

Salmon fishing in Ketchikan, Alaska – CLICK HERE

Halibut fishing: Retained halibut must be less than or equal to 50 inches or greater than or equal to 72 inches in length 1 per person per day, no annual limit.

King salmon: 1 per person per day over 28”, non-residents 3 annually

Coho salmon, Pink Salmon and Chum salmon fishing: 6 per person per day, no annual limit.

Lingcod fishing: Charter vessel anglers are allowed one Lingcod per day ranging from 30”-45” or over 55’ Non-residents are permitted to retain 1 Lingcod annually

Rockfish Fishing: Pelagic Rockfish daily bag limit 5 per person per day, no annual limit 

While on your Ketchikan Fishing Charter it is expected but not guaranteed to see wildlife. Humpback whales, Orcas, Bald Eagles, Harbor Seals, Sea lions are a few of the most commonly seen species. Not to mention you may see a black bear perusing the intertidal zone or even a Sitka Black tail Deer or Wolf swimming across the channels. Keep your eyes peeled as there’s no telling what you may see in these wild Alaska waters and shores.

he factors that make the Halibut Fishing Charters and All Species Combo Charters more than the Salmon Fishing charters equate to location of the fishing grounds for each species. While Ketchikan Salmon Fishing Charters can experience world class salmon fishing within fifteen minutes from the harbour, the most prized halibut fishing grounds are located further out anywhere from thirty minutes to over an hour boat ride out to the most productive areas. This is also the reason we do not offer a four hour Halibut Fishing Charter or All Species Combo charter, simply because of the location of the riches fishing grounds for each species.

  • 1 day sport fishing license $25.00
  • 1 day King Salmon stamp $15.00
  • 3 day sport fishing license $45.00
  • 3 day King Salmon stamp $30.00 A King Salmon stamp is required if you want to keep a King Salmon. You can get your license online from the State of Alaska Department of Fish and Game here, or you can purchase them from us on the boat.

Yes, as long as you’re 21 or older you are more than welcome to bring your favorite beverage. We do not provide alcohol.

Kids under the age of 16 must wear a life jacket at all times on the boat. We supply and outfit each child before departing the dock with the necessary floatation device. Adults are not required to wear a life jacket while onboard but they are always readily available life jackets for all persons.

We can arrange your time to be extended and charter pricing adjusted, only if we don’t have another charter following your trip time. We always recommend booking ample trip time duration to insure your expectations are met.

We do not add anyone to your charter group. We only run privately guided charters so we can consistently exceed your groups expectations. Our private guided charter experience allows us to plan the entire trip with you in mind and this allows us to allocate the correct time per species at your request. Based on years of experience this is the only way to provide an authentic Alaska charter fishing experience.

Yes, you can add or subtract people from your private charter prior to the trip. If doing so the guide needs to know beforehand so we can make sure we have what is needed on the boat. • We can only carry a maximum 6 people per boat.

We offer 4,5, 6, 8 and 10 hour trips, if you want to end your charter prior to the designated time it’s fine with us. With that being said there most likely will not be a refund for the time cut short, this is due to scheduling. To pick the best trip and time duration we always encourage you to call ahead of booking and talk with your guide for the best trip fit for your group. 

No, we do not, and anyone that does be weary. Building a reputation for one of the finest charter fishing experiences in Ketchikan didn’t come easy. Our expertly guided charters rarely don’t catch with our expansive knowledge, network and state of the art equipment. But we can’t control the weather, fish migratory patterns or feeding pressures. Building a reputation for hard charging guides that put your success at the forefront we never succeed or fail from lack of effort. Regardless of the conditions, we put in 150% to see you charter succeed in catching our intended species. 

We require a 100% deposit to finalize and lock in your date. Without payment and confirmation you do not have a completed booking. We guarantee a 100% refund for any cancellations 10 days prior to the trip as well as if your guide needs to cancel for weather conditions.