What are the top fishing techniques in Ketchikan?

The top fishing techniques in Ketchikan are trolling for salmon and bottom fishing for halibut. 

Trolling for salmon requires the use of electric downriggers that bring multiple lines down to various depths. Salmon fishing gear is descended in search of salmon. These salmon fishing techniques are tried and true. Trolling for salmon is jointly implemented by commercial fishermen as well. Due to the productive results of trolling for salmon this is absolutely one of the top fishing techniques in Ketchikan. 


Bottom fishing for halibut is another top fishing technique in Ketchikan. This fishing technique requires anchoring or drifting over sandy bottoms and underwater seamounts. In addition, heavy duty fishing gear is the best method for deep sea fishing for halibut. Offshore fishing reels with 80-100lb fishing line as well as 30 ounce sinkers are needed to effectively fish for halibut on the seafloor.

What are the top types of fishing in Ketchikan?


The top types of fishing in Ketchikan are trolling, bottom fishing, jigging, and mooching. Trolling for salmon is the most common and popular type of fishing in Ketchikan. This is closely followed by bottom fishing for halibut and pacific cod. Thirdly, jigging for halibut, cod and rockfish makes for a very effective way to catch multiple species of fish. Lastly, mooching is employed by salmon fishing anglers as well as those targeting all species. 


Do Ketchikan fishing charters provide rods, reels and tackle?


Yes, Ketchikan fishing charters provide rods, reels and tackles. In addition, our private charters offer the top of the line equipment from electronics to downriggers and outboard motors. Don’t skimp on the finer things when it comes to Alaska fishing. Book the best fishing charter in Ketchikan!

Who are the best rated fishing captains in Ketchikan?


The best rated fishing captains in Ketchikan are Lukas Brickweg and Jake Smith with Ketchikan’s Finest Fishing Charters. These captains have taken out over 15,000 guests fishing in Alaska. Experience pays when you take a private Ketchikan fishing charter with captains that have decades of experience. Furthermore, these captains run the best fishing equipment and head to the richest fishing grounds in Ketchikan to keep their clients on the fish. 


What fishing trips are offered by fishing charters in Ketchikan?


There’s a variety of fishing trips offered by fishing charters in Ketchikan that include salmon fishing, halibut fishing, cod fishing and rockfish jigging. These trips are offered in a variety of formats. The four hour salmon fishing trip is the most popular fishing charter in Ketchikan. Due to the minimal boat ride to the grounds, calm water and affordability it’s no wonder this trip is a top choice. Secondly, the 5hr halibut and salmon combo runs a close second behind the four hour salmon trip. The extra hour gives you time to get to the halibut grounds as well as get into salmon fishing after catching halibut. 


Four Hour Private Salmon Fishing Charter In Ketchikan


As mentioned, the private four hour salmon fishing charter in Ketchikan is a fan favorite. The ease and convenience of salmon fishing in Ketchikan makes this trip truly accessible for all. Just a short ten to fifteen minute boat ride from the downtown cruise ship docks and you’re reeling in wild Pacific salmon with your closest family and friends. How can you beat that? Especially in the height of the summer months when the salmon are so plentiful you can catch one every minute! That’s world class fishing and that’s salmon fishing in Ketchikan, Alaska.