Ketchikan, AK Fishing Report

Alaska fishing season started off with a bang for anglers visiting Ketchikan, Alaska. Halibut fishing charters produced great catches of halibut, pacific cod, lingcod and rockfish. Salmon fishing trips resulted in big king salmon while we awaited the arrival of silver salmon and pink salmon. Early season typically is more inconsistent then mid to late summer months including July, August and September. With that being said, our guests enjoyed better then average fishing to start off the 2023 Alaska fishing summer.

Ketchikan Fishing Tours

Fishing tours for cruise ship guests and fly in anglers spent the majority of May bottom fishing. These fisheries consist of fishing near and offshore waters for halibut, cod and rockfish. Deep water jigging for halibut had guests reeling in keeper size halibut as well as oversized halibut ranging from 10 pounds to 120 pounds. There’s nothing quite like the thrill of hooking into these deep sea dwellers. Not to mention the delicious meat that our guests were able to ship home for enjoyable table fare back in the lower 48.

Alaska halibut fishing

Furthermore halibut weren’t the only species caught during our halibut fishing charters. Pacific cod were a main staple while bottom fishing for halibut. Cod were concentrated in large numbers on the sandy flats eating a variety of bottom rigs presented. Traditional halibut fishing rigs with glow in the dark squid and cut herring caught the majority of Pacific cod. Not to mention we found great success jigging for cod with metal jigs and soft plastic swim baits.

Following up halibut fishing with rockfish and lingcod jigging made for a combination catch that had everyone smiling. In contrast to halibut fishing, rockfish jigging consists of shallower waters and light action tackle. While catching pelagic rockfish such as yellowtail’s and dusky’s we had the opportunity to catch big lingcod. With such a phenomenal bottom fishing area you’re never quite sure what will grab the end of one line. These giant lingcod make a trophy catch for anyone visiting Alaskan waters.

Ketchikan salmon fishing

King salmon fishing season opener begin June 1st. Everyone rejoiced at the opportunity to pursue this iconic fish. Big king salmon catches came in throughout the entire southeast Alaska region. Ketchikan, Alaska known as the salmon capital of the world didn’t disappoint. Areas comprised of Herring Cove and Mountain Point were the first areas to open up. This resulted in large numbers of anglers trolling for prized king salmon in a restricted area. As we look forward for the entirety of the region to open up, these were the first areas where big catches came in.

Fishing excursions in ketchikan

As we progress into the mid summer months the fishing will continue to heat up! Halibut will continue to show up in larger numbers as the water temperatures increase. In addition, the salmon fishing will see a big burst of silver salmon and pink salmon to combine with the larger king salmon. It’s all happening now, what a fishery we get to celebrate in Alaska! For further information on planning your Alaska fishing trip, please inquire from the contact information below.

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