Ketchikan Fishing Report July

Off to the races with red hot fishing in Alaska during the month of July! Alaska halibut fishing trips set a blaze with a huge number of big fish caught week in and week out. In addition, salmon fishing in Ketchikan fired off with an overlapping run of king salmon, silver salmon and pink salmon. Heck, at points the fish were so thick we’re catching salmon on our halibut lures on the way up and down in the water column. In conclusion, fishing in Ketchikan during the height of the season hasn’t disappointed. These are the days and weeks we all dream about when fishing in Alaska. Non stop action catching halibut and salmon in the pristine beauty of Alaskan waters. 

Deep Sea Fishing Ketchikan, Alaska

Deep sea fishing in Ketchikan resulted in enormous catches of halibut and pacific cod. The halibut came in so thick in the third week of July that practically every halibut fishing trip resulted in a full boat’s capacity. Not to mention so many halibut being caught on each trip that large numbers were returned to the waters as we already reached the maximum limit. Furthermore, deep sea fishing in Ketchikan for halibut consists of jigging halibut rigs in 200-400 feet of water. Knowing this you can imagine we had some sore shoulders the following days. 

Salmon Fishing Ketchikan  – Ketchikan Cruise Ship Fishing Shore Excursions

Ketchikan cruise ship fishing shore excursions enjoyed the fruits of the annual salmon migration into local waters. Firstly, salmon fishing excursions are an ideal trip for cruise ship guests. Reason being the short run from downtown cruise ship berths into productive salmon fishing grounds. Secondly, the silver salmon and pink salmon have arrived in force!

This makes for the perfect combination for a family fun fishing experience in Ketchikan. Lastly don’t forget that we included rockfish jigging with our salmon fishing excursions. An absolute perfect tactic to keep the kids and parents alike and having fun throughout the entirety of their Ketchikan fishing experience.  

Fishing In Ketchikan For Halibut and Salmon

Anglers rejoiced this week based on the phenomenal weather conditions and flat out insane fishing. For that reason each day we set out in search of halibut and salmon along with lingcod and rockfish. For instance, we started each day out jigging for halibut in deeper sandy areas with great success. More importantly, each angler satisfied their halibut limit and consequently we were on to salmon fishing in under an hour with a boat full of halibut. 

Salmon Fishing Tours

Salmon fishing tours went so well in the third week of July that we had people already booking for next year. For example the beauty of July lies in the overlapping runs of fish that concentrate in the richest areas. King salmon, silver salmon and pink salmon are all the species we can catch in July on our unique Ketchikan fishing tours. For that reason, each group’s success had a diversified catch with multiple species of salmon caught on rod and reel. In addition, we fulfilled the requests of clients and had each salmon professionally processed and shipped home. With our fully comprehensive salmon fishing tours it goes without reason why our guest are already booking for the following season.