Planning Your Family Fishing Excursion In Ketchikan

What Are The Best Family Fishing Excursions In Ketchikan

The best family fishing tours in Ketchikan take place from May through September. In addition, we’ve compiled a list of the top three family fishing tours for cruise ship guests on an Alaska cruise. The top choices for family fishing trips consider duration, ages and experience, as well as the overall experience. Based on these factors to consider, the top three choices are as follows. The Ketchikan four hour salmon fishing excursion, four hour halibut fishing excursion, and the five hour halibut and salmon fishing combination fishing excursion. 

Ketchikan Salmon Fishing Excursions 

The four hour Ketchikan salmon fishing excursion is easily the most popular fishing excursion. Especially for cruise ship guests stopping in Ketchikan ports. Firstly, the four hour salmon fishing excursion duration satisfies many cruise ship port times. Due to the multiple times available daily, there’s always a trip time that fits your cruise ship schedule. Secondaily, salmon fishing in Ketchikan takes place in calm waters. This is a big benefit for cruise ship families who want to go fishing and avoid the potential for seasickness. 

As a result, this factor alone makes it an attractive fishing excursion for families regardless of age or experience. Lastly, the salmon fishing near Ketchikan is world class. Meaning you get to enjoy great fishing just a short run from downtown cruise ship ports. In summary, the four hour salmon fishing charter satisfies the duration, excellent fishing and calm waters. 

Halibut Fishing Excursion: Cruise Ship Guests Visiting Ketchikan

Halibut fishing excursions in Ketchikan are great family fishing experiences. An unrivaled trip for an authentic Alaska fishing adventure. For one, halibut are a bucket list fish that attracts anglers from around the world. Therefore, the opportunity to take part in world class halibut fishing while visiting Alaska ports is an amazing opportunity. Not to mention, the halibut fishing grounds are a short 30-40 minute boat ride from downtown Ketchikan cruise ship docks. 

Furthermore halibut fishing near Ketchikan means bottom fishing in waters that teem with life. For instance you can catch species such as cod, rockfish, rays and sharks simultaneously while fishing for halibut. The interactiveness of each person actively fishing a rod makes for a fishing experience where everyone is engaged throughout the trip. For these reasons, the four hour halibut fishing excursion is a perfect option for cruise ship families looking to keep the entire family reeling in fish. 

Salmon And Halibut Combination Fishing Excursions: Ketchikan Cruise Ship Visitors 

For those looking to accomplish it all while visiting Ketchikan, then the salmon and halibut fishing excursion is the choice for you. Due in part to the proximity of the fishing grounds. Families fishing in Ketchikan can accomplish both halibut and salmon catches on the same trip. Depending on the tides, weather and time of year your captain will suggest to fish for salmon or halibut first. But that’s not all, with the combination fishing excursion you’ll switch gears to fish other species as well. Meaning you can catch both salmon and halibut on this Ketchikan fishing excursion. 

Halibut Fishing Ketchikan: What To Expect

Halibut fishing will take place a slightly further boat ride from downtown cruise ship docks. Typically on a combination salmon and halibut fishing excursion we will begin with halibut fishing. Halibut fishing in Ketchikan translates to bottom fishing in waters from 150 feet down to 300 feet. Not to worry, as we have top of the line gear and expertly guided captains assisting you. Assistance from your captain and the rod holders keeps kids and elderly clients taking part equally in catching. 

Whether we’ve hit our boat limit on halibut fishing, it’s time for salmon fishing. We switch the equipment over and head to the salmon grounds. As a result, the salmon trolling lines will be set by your captain using electric downriggers to adjust the depths. When the rod tips flicker it’s game on as families grab the rods to reel in the big one! The best salmon fishing in Ketchikan takes place from June through September. During this time of year you can experience double digit salmon catches in a matter of hours. 

Alaska Rockfish

Fishing for rockfish in Ketchikan is a great activity for families looking for fast action and quick pace. Regardless of the fishing excursion trip type you book, Ketchikan’s Finest Fishing Charters uses a flexible approach where rockfish jigging is always an option. The Alaska rockfish fishery takes place in relatively shallow waters when compared to halibut fishing. For instance, you can catch rockfish as shallow as 20 to 40 feet. Whereas the halibut fishing takes place in much deeper waters. In addition, with over 50 rockfish species in Alaska to catch, there’s no telling which species you’ll be pulling up next.