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Salmon Fishing Report July

Salmon fishing in Ketchikan didn’t disappoint during the second week of July. Due to the influx of king salmon returning to spawn along with silver salmon and pink salmon. This made the fishing nothing short of phenomenal for salmon fishing tours in Ketchikan. Salmon fishing charters enjoyed good weather combined with short boat runs to the best grounds. In addition the salmon were hungry as they made their way in to spawn in the streams. All of this culminated in big catches!
Big king salmon on the line in Ketchikan. Book a salmon fishing tour to enjoy the best salmon fishing in Ketchikan.

King Salmon Fishing Ketchikan

Fortunately for those visiting Ketchikan we have an absolute world class salmon fishery. Mountain  point and herring cove offer up a close boat ride from downtown with phenomenal salmon fishing. Late June and early July delivered good catches of king salmon ranging from 10 to 25 pounds. But that’s not all, we also saw silver salmon starting to push in along with pink salmon. Trolling salmon fishing lures and baits from 40 feet down to 130 feet we were able to target king salmon feeding in close proximity waters. This in turn resulted with ecstatic fishing guests who were able to rejoice over their once in a lifetime king salmon catches. 
July marks the beginning of overlapping salmon runs. Pictured here on this Ketchikan salmon fishing excursion with loads of silver salmon, king salmon and pink salmon.

Halibut and Salmon Fishing Charters

While the main species on target is the king salmon in July.  Let us not forget about the absolute red hot halibut fishing that takes place in Ketchikan during the same time. Once again our combination fishing charters guests were able to experience the best of both worlds. Catching halibut in great numbers by jigging halibut rigs with fresh chunked bait. This resulted in boat limits of halibut on the majority of days this week. The sweet spots continued to produce good numbers and great size halibut. Furthermore, with the halibut fishing being so good, we were able to tack on multiple catches of salmon while trolling. If white meat is your preference then we suggest jigging for rockfish and lingcod in lieu of salmon fishing.   
The might king salmon steals the show. Ketchikan is known for salmon fishing, but something about a big king salmon puts a smile on everyones faces.

Ketchikan Cruise Ship Fishing Shore Excursions

The highlight of any vacation is always up for debate between family and friends. With that being said, Ketchikan fishing excursions most likely will take the cake amongst fisherman of the group and non fisherman alike. First, we believe this to be true not only because of the outstanding fishing in Ketchikan. But furthermore the unparalleled beauty of the surrounding waters and abundant wildlife.
In addition, with no experience needed for our fishing tours we continually make first timers elated with their Alaskan catches. For example, jigging for halibut and rockfish is as easy as one, two, and three. Our expert captains have novices and experienced anglers catching lots of halibut, salmon and rockfish this week. Without the need for tons of experience this Ketchikan fishing tour makes a memorable experience for families of all sizes. 
If white meat fish is what you're after then substitute the salmon fishing for lingcod jigging. Lingcod are a hard fighting trophy fish that stands the test of time.