Ketchikan Halibut Fishing Excursions

Ketchikan Halibut Fishing Report

The central theme to be discussed in this article is the early Alaska summer fishing season. May marks the first official month of the season, but don’t let that fool you from the riches to be  had by clients experiencing the best halibut spots in Ketchikan, Alaska. Ketchikan halibut  fishing charters in five and six hour durations have seen a steady bottom fishing bite,  commonly boating clients limits of halibut based on Ketchikan halibut fishing regulations. The  majority of halibut have ranged anywhere from “paddle” size halibut 5-8 lbs up top chicken size  halibut in the 15-30 lb range and the slot size halibut commonly referred to as barn door halibut.  

Father and son team doubled up on halibut! Book your Ketchikan halibut fishing excursion.

Best Halibut Spots in Ketchikan 

Of course the best halibut fishing spots in Ketchikan vary from month to month and week to  week. With that being said, the best halibut fishing spots in May certainly have been areas of  mud and sand in 200-300 feet of water. These pockets of sand and mud provide a prime  feeding ground for early season halibut as the Pacific cod, herring and crustaceans  concentrate. The tidal influence on the best halibut fishing spots in Ketchikan is certainly worth noting, depending on the specific halibut spot, whether the incoming or outgoing tide will dictate which is preferred for halibut and Pacific cod to feed.  

Halibut Fishing Alaska – Halibut Fishing Regulations Ketchikan 

Halibut fishing Alaska in May hasn’t disappointed fishing clients visiting Ketchikan. For instance  traditionally May is the month of maybes in terms of maybe catching a halibut. This year 2022 we’ve seen steady catches as noted in the introduction of this article. Generally this time of  year we have to run to the richest fishing grounds to have any probability of catching a boat  limit of halibut. The halibut fishing regulations for 2022 are set by the Alaska Department of  Fish and Game, and in Ketchikan this allows charter fishing anglers to retain one halibut under  40”. The majority of halibut boated by fishing clients on Ketchikan fishing excursions measured below the 40” threshold and were retained to be processed and shipped home.  

Humpback whales bubble feeding on our Ketchikan whale watching excursion.

Ketchikan Fishing Packages 

Ketchikan’s Finest Fishing Charters offer a fully comprehensive set of Ketchikan fishing packages. Whether it’s multiple full days of fishing or a day trip in Ketchikan we offer  something for everyone. This week the majority of our clients took part in our five-hour  Ketchikan halibut fishing shore excursion. This bottom fishing focused adventure leads to  catches of halibut, Pacific cod, rockfish and sharks. In addition to these species our clients this week had an opportunity to see humpback whales, orcas, Steller sea lions and bald eagles. What an amazing way to spend the day for any visitors embarking on these Ketchikan cruise ship shore excursions.  

Alaska Giant Halibut 

In spite of anglers wanting to retain and harvest their prized Pacific halibut catches, barn door  halibut exceeding the legal limit size were on tap. Giant halibut eating our traditional halibut rigs with glow in the dark squids and hooks baited with herring gave anglers a ride of a lifetime. The sheer force and power that halibut enforce on the terminal tackle leaves anglers with sore arms  and smiles to last the day. It was truly a memorable experience for all seeing multiple halibut  landed this week weighing in from 80-120 pounds. Despite not being able to keep these “Barn Door Halibut” it gave clients a true Alaskan adventure and a story to tell their friends and families for a lifetime to come. This is one of the major reasons anglers from around the world  come to experience the thrills of hooking a massive halibut. 

Big halibut caught on our half day Ketchikan fishing shore excursion.