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Welcoming all visitors to Ketchikan, Alaska for the 2024 summer cruise season. Make your dream vacation a reality during your Alaska cruise! Fish in Ketchikan for salmon and halibut with Ketchikan’s Finest Fishing Charters. Offering world class guided charter salmon fishing excursions for all ages and experience levels. Hit the water during your port stop in Ketchikan as we believe the best way to experience southeast Alaska is by way of the water. Imagine viewing soaring eagles swooping down and plucking wild pacific salmon from the sea. Or even humpback whales breaching boatside as they engulf thousands of pounds of herring in one gulp. These scenes epitomize Ketchikan, Alaska in all her glory. For these reasons we recommend you embrace the opportunity to experience it with private Ketchikan fishing excursions.

Ketchikan salmon fishing excursion

Private Ketchikan Fishing Excursions

Fishing excursions in Ketchikan offer the best of the best if you choose the right providers. For example when booking a fishing excursion in Ketchikan we always recommend you book a private charter. Based on the notion that you’ll get the experience you’re looking for and won’t feel cheated or robbed of your money. Private charters in Ketchikan with Kethcikan’s Finest Fishing Charters seek to over deliver in every way shape and form. We take pride in what we do and you’re not just another number. For example, large operators simulate a cattle drive with their tours and big numbers of people. Contrary to our private fishing excursions where we take pride in providing one on one guidance when booking. Furthermore we follow through on each fishing excursion to deliver a world class experience for all.

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Private Salmon Fishing Excursions – Ketchikan Cruise Ship Guests


Salmon fishing in Ketchikan is a bucket list item during your Alaskan cruise. Don’t be fooled into booking the wrong excursion for your family. Private salmon fishing excursions with Ketchikan’s Finest Fishing Charters means your group alone will be the sole focus of the entire trip. We don’t add strangers to your trip. Firstly, private salmon fishing excursions in Ketchikan provide world class fishing opportunities a short ride from downtown cruise ship docks. In addition, Ketchikan fishing excursions for salmon provide calm water conditions where everyone in the boat can feel comfortable and safe. It really is the best of both worlds! Great salmon fishing, conveniently located and calm waters make for an all encompassing Alaska adventure suited for the entire family. 

Family Fishing Excursions In Ketchikan

The best family fishing excursions in Ketchikan are the four hour private salmon fishing excursion, and the two and a half hour guaranteed catch. The guaranteed catch fishing excursion offers rockfish jigging and salmon fishing in a compact format. In spite of kids’ notorious short attention spans when boats, Alaska fishing has just the formula to combat kids from bouncing off the walls. For example, the guaranteed catch rockfish jigging and salmon fishing tour is a nonstop action trip. Specifically designed to keep kids and parents alike engaged in the experience. This interactive Ketchikan fishing excursion keeps the whole family involved with smiles and picture opportunities from dock to dock!

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