How To Plan A Fishing Trip In Alaska

Planning a fishing trip in Alaska for a group of friends or family can be a daunting task.For one thing there’s all the details you may be unfamiliar with. For example, The below questions highlight the top concerns and answers for those planning a fishing trip to Alaska. 


Where in Alaska should we go for a fishing trip?


To begin, there’s the question of where to start? There’s so many options when looking to book a fishing trip in Alaska. Firstly, you’ll want to figure out if you’re flying in for multiple days or fishing on a cruise ship stop in one of the major ports. Using this factor as a starting point will lead you into the various options to consider. 

Ketchikan, Alaska Cruise Ship Fishing Charters


If you’re taking an Alaskan cruise this summer then Ketchikan, Alaska is your best port for a fishing trip. Due in part to its world class sportfishing and convenient location to the fishing grounds, Ketchikan is the most popular port for a fishing tour. Knowing this it benefits cruise passengers greatly to book in advance for summer fishing excursions. The top rated fishing tours for cruise ship clients are the four hour salmon fishing tour, the four hour halibut fishing tour or the five hour halibut and salmon combination fishing tour. 


Ketchikan Salmon Fishing


Salmon fishing in Ketchikan is regarded as one of the top destinations in the world for catching trophy salmon. Meaning, king salmon, silver salmon, pink salmon and even sockeye salmon are all caught salmon fishing in Ketchikan. Cruise ship fishing charters for salmon typically run four hours in length. In contrast, full day combination charters provide the luxury of salmon fishing for much longer if desired. 

Multi Day Fishing Charters in Alaska


For those looking for multiple full days of fishing in Alaska we’ll highlight the top destinations. The top fishing destinations in Alaska are as follows: Ketchikan, Sitka, Seward, Kodiak and Valdez. All of the above mentioned destinations offer both halibut and salmon fishing along with rockfish and lingcod. Fishing primarily in the ocean offers the best Alaskan fishing experience because of the versatility of the fishery. Meaning, you can catch halibut, salmon, lingcod and rockfish all in the same day! Now it’s a question of how many days you prefer to fish.


What’s Better – All Inclusive Lodge Packages Or Booking Fishing And Lodging Separate?


While the allure of the all inclusive packages offers one comprehensive approach to planning a fishing trip in Alaska it isn’t the only answer. For example, the above mentioned destinations offer convenient flights, lodging, and fishing charters without the all inclusive price tag. All inclusive lodges take the homework out of the equation, but you pay for it in the price tag! All inclusive Alaska fishing packages are more expensive because the operators lump the individual factors together in a nice package.


They provide lodging, food and fishing with one lump sum payment. This is in contrast to booking those items separate and planning your Alaska fishing trip without the comprehensive provided package. While the latter option seems daunting to some, let’s take an overall look at how to plan a fishing trip in Alaska without the all inclusive packaged design.

Planning A Fishing Trip In Ketchikan, Alaska


First off there’s Ketchikan, Alaska. For example, planning an Alaskan fishing trip in Ketchikan, Alaska is relatively simple. For one, there’s an airport located in Ketchikan that guests fly into from any of the lower 48 states. You’ll always stop in Seattle no matter where you fly in Southeast Alaska, but after a short layover it’s direct to Ketchikan. This is extremely convenient because it saves you the time of not having to arrange multiple seaplanes to get you to the more isolated parts of Alaska. 


Ketchikan’s Finest Fishing Charters Multi Day Fishing Packages


Secondly, the world class fishing in Ketchikan, Alaska offers guests a scenario where they can enjoy the best fishing in Alaska without the headaches of multiple travel days. This means, groups planning a fishing trip to Ketchikan can fly up and fish multiple days and fly home in a short span of time. Meanwhile, guests aren’t sacrificing the quality of fishing or duration of fishing time. Ketchikan’s Finest Fishing Charters is recognized as the premiere fishing charter operation in Ketchikan. With the most experienced captains and custom Alaska charter boats they hold a five star standard throughout their operation. They operate full day and multi day charters for halibut and salmon as well as lingcod and rockfish. Not to mention, when booking multiple days you can add crabbing or shrimping to your Alaska fishing trip. 


Thirdly, upon flying in, guests can book local hotels or Airbnb in downtown Ketchikan. Downtown Ketchikan is the heart of the action! Conveniently located near the fishing boats, restaurants and local attractions. In turn many of the fishing guests won’t need to rent a vehicle unless they want to add some sightseeing into nearby hikes. With all the conveniences of the air travel and proximity of hotels to downtown it’s no wonder guests return year after year to book their multi day fishing trips with Ketchikan’s Finest Fishing Charters. 


When to plan an Alaska fishing trip?


The absolute best time to plan a fishing trip in Alaska runs from June through September. Multiple salmon species overlap during these months and the halibut fishing remains consistent throughout. Furthermore, the weather patterns are ideal for a full day combination charter or multiple full day combination fishing trips. 


How do we find the best Ketchikan fishing charter? 


The best Ketchikan fishing charters are located in the downtown ports nearest the best fishing grounds. Ketchikan’s Finest Fishing Charters is the premiere fishing charter in Ketchikan, Alaska with a five star rating across all review platforms. Based on customer testimonials and the most experienced captains it’s easy to see why the reputation precedes.


What will we be fishing for? 


Depending on the time of year you are fishing in Alaska you can expect to catch halibut daily! Not only can you catch halibut daily, but there’s king salmon, silver salmon, pink salmon, lingcod and rockfish. Let your captain guide you to all that’s possible on an Alaskan fishing adventure. 


Where do we stay for lodging? 


The top lodging accommodations in Ketchikan are as follows; Creek Street Inn, Cape Fox Lodge, and Alaska Travelers Accommodations.

What is the price for fishing in Alaska? 

Prices for fishing in Alaska vary based on the duration of your fishing trip and the species targeted. The premiere fishing charters are generally more expensive because they hire experienced captains and have top of the line equipment. With that being said, guests can expect to pay anywhere from $1,200 for a half day fishing trip and up to $2,500 for a full day fishing trip. 

Do I need a fishing license for a Ketchikan fishing charter?

Yes, anyone 16 years or older needs a fishing license. These can be obtained on the Alaska Fish And Game website. For example, one can purchase a one day license, a three day license, a weekly license or an annual license. Depending on how many days you’ll be fishing will dictate what duration of license may serve you best. Furthermore, if you’re traveling during king salmon season make sure to add the additional king salmon stamp. The king salmon stamp allows you to retain a legal size king salmon during specific time periods. 

How many days should we plan to fish in Alaska? 

You should plan anywhere from 2-5 days of fishing when visiting Alaska by flying in. For cruise ship guests plan to fish for 4-5 hours based on your cruise ship times arrival and departure. 

How do we get our fish back to our homes in the lower 48?

Fishing charter operations use third party processing facilities. The facilities will process your catch and ship it to your home. This typically ranges anywhere from $9-14. In addition, flyin guests can check their fish boxes as checked luggage under the plane and avoid the overnight shipping expense.