Cruise Ship Fishing Shore Excursions In Ketchikan

Fishing Tours Cruise Ship Guests Report – August

The salmon fishing bonanza is on full display. Cruise ship guests visiting Ketchikan in August are in for a real treat! Whether you’re taking part in the annual world class salmon run by going out on a cruise ship fishing shore excursion or simply viewing the creek street bridge and the millions of salmon running upstream. There’s something for everyone this time of year. 

Throughout the day you can hear the eagles rejoicing over the once a year feast. Salmon run the creeks and streams so thick that one could walk across them. August in Alaska means millions and billions of salmon making their way into spawn at their home streams. For this reason and the sheer volume of salmon that return to area waters, Ketchikan has been dubbed, “Salmon capital of the world.” Making it a perfect opportunity to enjoy the salmon fishing spoils and take your family on a topnotch salmon fishing excursion.

Cruise ship fishing shore excursions in Ketchikan were rewarded with both halibut and salmon.

Salmon Fishing Excursions In Ketchikan

The salmon fishing excursions in Ketchikan during the first week of August enjoyed unreal fishing. Silver salmon running into their home streams were met with lots of herring on outside waters. Fortunately this held up the fish for a good feeding pattern before they made their final push into the interior waters. Pink salmon ran so thick this year that recreational fisherman, commercial fisherman and charter fishing boats caught all they could handle.

In addition to the healthy runs of both silver salmon and pink salmon, the mighty king salmon made quite a few appearances. King salmon running amongst the other salmon species definitely have their way of standing out. When you hear the drag screaming like that, you know it’s nothing other than a big king salmon. For these reasons our salmon fishing tours are always ready for when the big ones hit. King salmon up to thirty pounds were landed this week. So all in all the diversity and volume of the salmon run has been a welcomed sight for everyone. 

Salmon and Halibut Fishing Tours In Ketchikan

The halibut and salmon combination charter hooked into all the species possible in August. Catching everything from halibut to lingcod, all species of salmon and rockfish to boot. For this reason we can’t stop smiling about how good the fishing is in August. Halibut biting in 200 to 300 feet of water kept clients arms soar as they reel up halibut. Halibut ranging from 15-35 pounds became the most commonly caught and retained. Giant Alaskan halibut were extremely active as well. We made sure to release any that didn’t fit in the federally regulated size limits. 

To illustrate how good the bottom fishing for halibut was, we can depict it through the daily catches in its entirety. For example, daily catches included limits of halibut so quickly that we retain enough time to troll for salmon, jig for rockfish and catch lingcod. When the fishing is this good it’s no wonder there’s little availability for those in the know. Book your Ketchikan salmon and halibut fishing tour for August to enjoy the best Alaskan fishing.