Why charter fishing in Ketchikan, Alaska is so good! 

First time guide Fishing in Ketchikan, Alaska 

This guide was written to help first time visitors to Ketchikan have the best fishing trip one could ask for on an Alaska adventure. Fishing charters in Ketchikan are world renowned and one of the best experiences to offer, not only for the fishing but the immense wildlife and scenic views. Boasting the title as “Salmon Capital of the World,” Ketchikan is recognized for the abundance of wild Pacific Salmon that inhabit the surrounding waters. But that’s not all, Halibut fishing charters in Ketchikan are also world class, while also catching cod, rockfish and sharks on these bottom fishing excursions. Furthermore, the close distances to the harbor gives Ketchikan fishing charter clients a chance to catch Salmon and Halibut on the very same trip. In this complete guide you will find the complete itinerary one can expect when visiting Ketchikan for a fishing trip of a lifetime. 

Why charter fishing in Ketchikan, Alaska is so good! 

Charter fishing in Alaska has become a right of passage for most anglers. Fishing enthusiasts dream of visiting the abundant waters full of giant Halibut and Salmon. For those who take part, their stories ring loud to anyone who hears of its mention. Who hasn’t seen the pictures of people standing next to a barn door halibut? Or gleaming from ear to ear with a massive majestic king salmon. The tall tales of humpback whales feeding next to the boat while your reeling in these famous Alaska fish species, resonates with fisherman and all people alike.The nutrient rich waters of the ocean here in Alaska make fishing for the below species so intriguing. 

  • King Salmon
  • Pacific Halibut
  • Silver Salmon
  • Pink Salmon
  • Ling Cod
  • Pacific Cod
  • Dungeness crabs
  • Over 20 Species of Rockfish
  • Sharks 

Not to mention the picturesque scene with towering mountains and vast old growth rainforest engulfing the waters around you. It truly is a breathtaking experience from the start of your trip all the way to the pictures of your catch and celebratory moments that evening. 

What makes Alaska special! 

Known as the last frontier, Alaska endears a special place in outdoor enthusiasts hearts for many reasons. Starting with the history of Alaska with the sheer adventurous spirit of the frontiersman who took part in the gold mining days, logging and fishing industries. When one mentions Alaska the immediate thoughts of vast open landscapes, rugged mountainous peaks, glaciers, whales, bears and wildlife come to mind. That’s why people from around the world visit Alaska as a bucket list trip of a lifetime. Fishing charters in Ketchikan give visitors all this and more.